Don't forget about the windows!

Recently, I  had a dream where I was in a bright white room, with one window.  Jesus was off to the side and came and greeted me.   Excitedly, I met Him halfway and took His hand.  Immediately there were hundreds of clear balloons that were floating above me, and all around me.  I noticed that inside each balloon was a small silvery white gift box with a light blue ribbon on it.  They were about the size of ring boxes.  He started telling me how simple it is to receive Gods gifts from heaven.  We do not need to work or strive to receive them.  They are free and they are in abundance.  I knew that each gift represented a different gold nugget from heaven. He then reached into His pocket and pulled out a long needle and handed it to me. I knew exactly what I needed to do with this needle.  I began excitedly and with great joy popping the balloons so the gifts could be released.  I just love how Jesus even spoke my love language in my dream; quality time and gifts! 
 At that very moment, He brought my attention to the single window, which happened to be closed.  He told me that so many of us are busy looking for new doors of opportunity that we miss the windows.  Windows are all around us.  Think about how many more windows there are then doors; in your home, your place of business. I stood there with Jesus thinking about this and I awoke.   I immediately began my morning thinking about the window analogy.  I pressed into this with Holy Spirit, asking Him to enlighten me regarding windows.  I love opportunities like this because they challenge me.  I get to learn more about How God, our heavenly Dad so lovingly works in our lives and this excites my spirit!
When I began pressing into the Holy spirit for wisdom and knowledge, this is what He showed me. 
Are we so busy opening and closing doors that a window of opportunity appears and we just pass it by?  What does your door look like?  Is it a new job, a spouse, children, new friends or a new home?  What if our door is a prayer for a loved one who is spiritually lost or is suffering from an ongoing addiction? Our door can become an expectation of how we believe this breakthrough or deliverance should look like.  We place our expectations on God and even can begin Judging Him when we think it goes unmet and does not meet the timeline we established.  Meanwhile, Father God is answering our prayers in the way He sees fit and according to His will and it goes unnoticed because we are so focused on our door.  Meanwhile, the many windows He has been presenting us along the way, likewise, go completely unnoticed.  He also showed me that if a window goes unopened for awhile, it will get stuck and then becomes difficult to reopen.   
So, has God been presenting a window of opportunity to you that you have been ignoring because it might not be exactly what you have been expecting? Are there windows in your faith walk that have gone left unopened and you now feel stuck?  Have you put to rest special dreams you had as a child thinking it was impossible to receive or obtain now? Go on a adventure with God seeing what windows need to be reopened and what windows He would like you to open for the first time.   Maybe this window will lead you to the door you have been praying about and have been longing for your whole life. 

I bless you with recognizing and discovering your God given opportunities in life.  I bless you with a downpour of precious gifts from heaven that you can so easily receive and apply in your life.  I bless you with new adventures with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit which will lead you down a path of joy, love, peace and transformation.  May Our Heavenly Father, anoint you with a refreshing wind of peace.  May He fulfill your hearts desires and may you grow in faith knowing that your Heavenly Dad longs to grow in intimacy with you and will continue to pursue you everyday for the rest of your life.  In Jesus' Holy and Precious Name.  Amen!
Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.


  1. Wow! So lovingly stated regarding how our Heavenly Daddy wants to bless. Also, a good reminder to keep my eyes open for the 'Windows' as well as the 'doors'. Thanks!!

  2. I love the open windows analogy. I have been praying daily for God to only open doors He wants me to walk through . . . now I will also pray He reveals open windows that He wants me to see.

    Thanks for sharing what God has revealed to you.



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