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A womb blessing

Let's go back to where it all began. Where the hand of God came down and began creating you inside your Mothers womb. Let's visit you in Utero,  all nestled, warm and cozy in your mothers womb. You were nourished through an umbilical cord attached to her placenta and it provided all your nutrition so that you could grow.   You had not a care in the world because you felt safe and secure. Little did you know that you had your first experience with faith and trust.   Your little body continued to grow as you received nutrients through the umbilical cord.  You were a miracle of God's own hand.  He already established a plan and purpose for you, and it was good. These nutrients provided what you needed physically so you could one day, soon be born and experience life on this side of the world.  This might come as a surprise to you but your spirit was also being nurtured and fed.   Let me explain... A baby while in his or her mothers womb is sensing and experiencing what their