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What Consumes you; Shapes you.

Please hear and receive this... Whatever you partner with or allow yourself to be consumed by, will shape and lead you. It can even become our gods and something we cling to and worship. Be very mindful of your thoughts and what you are choosing to lead your life choices. If you choose to partner with thoughts of fear, fear will lead you. If you partner with thoughts of lust, anger, hate, rejection, comparison or jealousy, guess what will lead you? Your thoughts are not to be taken lightly. If they are not bringing you joy, peace, hope and love, if they are not thoughts God would have of you or others, then choose to love you by not allowing them to take up space in that beautiful brain of yours.  Thoughts, whether good or bad produce feelings within us which then in many cases lead to actions and these actions lead to outcomes which when broken down are the result of the original thought.  If I desired to, I could dissect a situation I am in today and uncover the origin

The Three C's

Awareness can lead us to wholeness when our goal is to love ourselves enough to change.     Becoming aware of the poisonous lies of orphan and victim mindsets and the steps necessary to change. I can remember as a little girl; approximately 5 or 6 already believing I was adopted and that I did not belong to my family of origin, and this I believed even though I was a twin. There were many times I sat either in my bedroom battling these toxic thoughts within my head or in my backyard alongside our family dog Taffy, crying to her and discussing with her why I believed this to be true. She always listened and it is sad to say, the orphan and victim mindset I partnered with, had me believing she was the only one who did, and who truly cared. Am saying all of this from a victim or orphan stance today? Ah Heck no!  I am sharing this to produce awareness because I know that when Jesus showed this gold nugget to me, it changed my life forever and I do not want to keep it to myself.   A


A couple of years ago, my husband and I had a very large and beautiful willow tree suddenly fall in our front yard.  At first, I was devastated because I loved that tree and I so enjoyed gazing upon its beauty every morning when I woke up. When my husband began cutting the tree up, he noticed that the core of the tree was filled with disease. I immediately heard Holy Spirit say to me, "See, even though it was so beautiful on the outside, inside it was broken." Wow! That was me when I was flowing in shame and pain!  On the outside, I looked great but, on the inside, I was a broken and shame-filled mess.  All that stuffing and burying my emotions and then moving on quickly, believing I had dealt with my pain when in fact, I only buried it, had taken quite a toll on my heart and soul. That is what shame and hidden painful wounds can do to our insides when left unchecked and not properly dealt with.  From that place of brokenness or shall I say broken-mes s I was makin