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A couple of years ago, my husband and I had a very large and beautiful willow tree suddenly fall in our front yard.  At first, I was devastated because I loved that tree and I so enjoyed gazing upon its beauty every morning when I woke up. When my husband began cutting the tree up, he noticed that the core of the tree was filled with disease. I immediately heard Holy Spirit say to me, "See, even though it was so beautiful on the outside, inside it was broken." Wow! That was me when I was flowing in shame and pain!  On the outside, I looked great but, on the inside, I was a broken and shame-filled mess.  All that stuffing and burying my emotions and then moving on quickly, believing I had dealt with my pain when in fact, I only buried it, had taken quite a toll on my heart and soul. That is what shame and hidden painful wounds can do to our insides when left unchecked and not properly dealt with.  From that place of brokenness or shall I say broken-mes s I was makin