What Consumes you; Shapes you.

Please hear and receive this... Whatever you partner with or allow yourself to be consumed by, will shape and lead you. It can even become our gods and something we cling to and worship. Be very mindful of your thoughts and what you are choosing to lead your life choices. If you choose to partner with thoughts of fear, fear will lead you. If you partner with thoughts of lust, anger, hate, rejection, comparison or jealousy, guess what will lead you? Your thoughts are not to be taken lightly. If they are not bringing you joy, peace, hope and love, if they are not thoughts God would have of you or others, then choose to love you by not allowing them to take up space in that beautiful brain of yours. 

Thoughts, whether good or bad produce feelings within us which then in many cases lead to actions and these actions lead to outcomes which when broken down are the result of the original thought.  If I desired to, I could dissect a situation I am in today and uncover the original thought that produced it.  God created these very powerful and beautiful brains of ours and even though they are crazy powerful, He created us with the ability to have control and power over them.  God gave you the ability to choose what you want to keep in your brain and what you want to dispose of.  He is not a controlling God and gives us free will and that includes our thinking. 
It is very important to be aware of just how slimy the enemy is because once you are aware of his schemes and deceitful methods; you can then counterattack with the truth, God’s word. 

Whenever I see kudzu, I think of the lies of the accuser. Kudzu starts out as a small, prickly vine shooting out of the ground and can be stopped at that point with weed killer. If left unchecked though, can and will take over acres and acres of land. Eventually trees, even houses can be engulfed with it and at that point, you must burn it to kill it and sometimes that doesn’t even work.  This is how I see the accuser when he whispers lies to us. It starts out very small, think of the size of a seed here, has maybe 10% truth to it, but if left unattended, can grow and grow and eventually take over our heart, perspectives, choices, and life. The accuser is not satisfied until he destroys Gods children and if that means having them take their own lives then he has won. The bible says it very clearly in John 10:10 that the enemy is here to kill, steal and destroy us so it is crucial that we do as Jesus did and fend him off with the truth and power in the word of God. The power is in the name and blood of Jesus and is necessary for the battle raging within us and around us.

John 10:10NIV - The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. 

What we believe does and will affect our bodies, choices and outcomes.  Everything we decide to do in life starts first in the brain.  Since I believed as truth that I could not achieve a higher education due to an earlier school trauma at 7-1/2, and because I once overheard a teacher say to my mom that I was lazy, I turned down an amazing opportunity to go into a fashion school to become a fashion merchandiser at 18.   Since I chose to give so much power over to certain people and the lies; that I was dumb, incapable and in addition, feared branching out on my own due to not believing in myself and my gifting’s, I did not even try. To make matters worse, I quit the job I loved 2 weeks after they offered that to me.  I sabotaged the one thing going on in my life I could call just mine, something I loved and was talented at.  I chose to believe and be led by a lie spoken to me by someone most likely wounded herself. I gave this one teacher and the words she spoke so much power and importance. My identity was warped because it was anchored to and fueled by words spoken out that were not even true.  I was choosing to be led by my fear of failure and the lie I anchored myself to that I was terrible at school, and lazy so don’t bother trying. Those were lies I believed and a mentality I allowed to take power over me since I was 7-1/2 and at 18, I was still allowing it to lead me in life. 
Your beautiful and powerful brain is like a computer and was created by God to keep files of memories and these files are there forever, whether you want them to be or not. So many times, we try to forget, and we hide them somewhere but just like files on computers, they are always there waiting to be pulled up and used again. I’m hoping this is making you think like it did me and use your brain for something constructive and as a means of healthy mindful change.
Our thoughts dictate so many of our choices in life whether good or bad, so we need to hold ourselves accountable for those thoughts we are allowing to hold up space in our brain.  Take care of you and your thinking and the outcomes in your life and the fruit of your harvest will be different. Be good to you and nurture yourself well and this includes your brain. Be aware of the schemes of the enemy and know who fights on your behalf. 

You can read more about my journey in my book; Sanctified and Set Free; my story of transformation from Shame to Grace. 


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